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Product Features

The compact heater protects the electrical cabinet from moisture, and the high-performance integrated axial fan provides powerful air circulation, ensuring that the control cabinet has a smooth temperature environment, and the built-in terminal connector is safer.

◎ Press wire connection, press and close

◎ Guide rail installation, one card is closed

◎ Long life

◎ Maintenance-free

◎ High temperature limit protection

◎ Own fan

JRQ250/400 heater technical parameters
Model Heat output (W)℃ Ambient temperature Dimensions W×H×D(mm) Weight (kg) Remarks Operating voltage Thermal element Temperature safety protection ball axial fan Electrical connection Connection terminal Installation Requirements Operating/storage temperature
JRQ250 230-270 85 × 180 × 85 1.1 AC110VDC48V products
can be customized
AC230V  50/60Hz nichrome wire Overheat protection in case of fan failure AC:45m3/h(50HZ) 50m/h(60HZ) R200:3*0.75mm2 cable standard line 0.5-2.5mm2 UL94V0 Vertical -45°~ 70°
JRQ350 320-380 85 × 222 × 85 1.4


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