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Shanghai Haofuman Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. was founded in2003Year, registered capital3000Ten thousand, existing employees105People. It has successively won the national high-tech enterprise, Shanghai special new and special fine enterprise, Changning District science and technology small giant enterprise, Zhangjiang high-tech park high-growth science and technology enterprise, two products have obtained the high-tech achievement transformation certification, Baoshan enterprise technology research and development center, quality system and environmental system certification enterprise.


Honors: has been granted a total of 36 national patent certificates, an invention patent,29utility model patents,6A soft patent,17Industry product testing report.


Enterprise Development: Shanghai Haofuman Continuous18Achieve double-digit growth in sales revenue in.Temperature cabinet, high temperature air conditioning, high temperature air conditioning, corrosion-resistant air conditioning, conductive dust air conditioning and so on.

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To provide customers with high protection grade cabinet, high load-bearing cabinet, constant temperature and humidity cabinet, seismic cabinet, imitation electrostatic shielding cabinet, lead-zinc copper cabinet, high temperature air conditioning, high temperature air conditioning, DC air conditioning, corrosion resistant air conditioning.

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We design, research and development, production, sales of products, the main products are control cabinet, Distribution box, cantilever control box, console, cabinet air conditioner, cabinet fan, cabinet lighting system Such as, we can provide customers with professional and personalized design, and are good at high load-bearing, high High protection level (IP54-IP68) products in high temperature, high tide and high corrosive environment. planning and production.

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