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Temperature controller

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It is especially suitable for controlling filter fans, heaters and heat exchangers. As a signal generator, this temperature regulator is also suitable for monitoring the internal temperature of the control cabinet.

Technical Description

◎ Bimetal sensor as a thermal feedback device.

◎ Day contact setting: single-pole conversion contact (change contact) as a momentary switch element.

◎ Allowable contact load K1.5-3 (heating). AC 10(4)">A

◎ DC = 30W

K1.5-4 (cooling);

AC 5(4)1>A

DC = 30W

(2) = Inductive load at C0sφ = 0.6

◎ Adjusting range 5C to 60°C

◎ Weight about 105g

◎ Size 71*71*33.5mm. Switching difference is about 1k ± 0.8k

◎ Time-saving link technology, that is to say, only one model can be applied to 24 to 230v.

◎ Flexible installation, can be installed in the vertical or horizontal 35mm support rail, according to the EN50022 and should be attached to the adapter buckle on the NS/35- ES cabinet profile.



Operating current rated/maximum


230/115/60/48/24v(AC) 60/48/24v(DC)

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