CP 210,140 Cantilever Control Box

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: CP 210,140 Cantilever Control Box

    There are high-quality aluminum profiles and aluminum die-casting angle parts spliced together, fashionable appearance design, horizontal profile adopts flat top design, suitable for placing measuring instrument, dynamic balancing instrument and other devices, vertical profile surface is anodized and widened.
    Application areas:

    The control box is widely used in CNC machine tools, assembly lines and special equipment on all kinds of man-machine interface and accessories installation, with cantilever or support system, can fully meet the requirements of actual operation, box size is completely customized according to the demand.
    Effective installation depth: CP210mm:210mm CP140:140mm

    Customized maximum size: front panel width <700mm, front panel height <800mm

    Protection level: rear door: ip54 screw fixed rear panel: ip65

    Material: aluminum profile and handle: aluminum alloy 6063

    Foot parts: die-cast aluminum alloy 102

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