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End users to speed up the replenishment of coal market to continue to remain active

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End users to speed up the replenishment of coal market to continue to remain active


Recently the main origincoal priceContinuing the trend of stable medium-strong, although some coal mines have increased production, but the need to increase production process, the overall effect is not as expected, supply is still tight. At present, coal chemical industry, metallurgy and other users pull active, winter storage civilian procurement has increased, coal sales in short supply, coal price support is still strong. However, as prices remain high, some miners are also afraid of heights. On the port side, terminal inventory is low, power plants maintain just need to purchase, mainstream prices continue to rise steadily. It is expected that in the second half of the month, daily consumption will decline, and domestic supply will gradually increase, and market prices will gradually stabilize and fall. But in the medium term, the social inventory is low, the supply of incremental space is not large,CoalThe market remains active and transportation continues to be busy.

The increase in guaranteed supply continued to advance, and the release of output accelerated in August. In September, in recent days, the daily coal output of Ordos can basically be maintained at the level of more than 2.1 million tons, which is a further increase compared with August. The subsequent increase needs attention. From the perspective of policy regulation and control of producing areas, recently, some coal mines have been interviewed and price cuts have occurred. The highest price reduction of Mongolian coal is more than 200 yuan/ton, which has slightly suppressed the mood of pithead. However, from the current situation, the scope has not been expanded, and other mines are still in normal production and sales. Judging from the shipping situation, under the high coal price, traders are afraid of high prices. They are more cautious in hoarding, purchasing and shipping to ports, mainly for land sales, while shipping is mainly for long-term associations. Bohai Rim ports maintain net transfer and continue to go to storage. The total coal storage in Qinjing Cao Ba Port has dropped to 14.17 million tons, while the second port and power plant port are stable and at an absolute low level. The shortage of negotiable goods in the market has supported the spot to a certain extent.

In September, the guaranteed supply will continue to advance, and the output will be further released; and in the second half of the month, demand will enter the off-season, showing a downward trend, the contradiction between supply and demand will be repaired to a certain extent, and high coal prices will stagnate and stabilize inevitably. However, at present, the inventory of all links in the upper, middle and lower reaches is at a low level, and the winter storage and stock preparation are being carried out one after another; while under the golden nine silver ten, the production of cement, chemical industry and steel has returned to a high level, so that the downstream coal consumption will not be too low, and the market is not pessimistic. Judging from the current situation, the pressure of "welcoming the peak and winter" is still great; approaching the National Games, before September 27, the fire supplies in Yulin area were strictly controlled, and some open-pit coal mines in Shenmu and other areas stopped production. In addition, there is a strong replenishment of the northeast region, while imported coal prices are still running at a high level, for the domesticcoal marketThe activity also forms some support.

Demand, the recent coastal power plant daily consumption decreased slightly, but still strong, inland power plant daily consumption decreased more, the overall demand is basically at the end of the peak season. In the second half of September, East China cooled down and entered the off-season of demand, and the general direction of daily consumption was set. The contradiction between coal supply and demand has eased slightly, but the pressure on the terminal to replenish the warehouse under low inventory is still greater.

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