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State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Led a Power Quality Data Application International Standard Project

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State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Led a Power Quality Data Application International Standard Project

On March 7,State Grid JiangsuAn international standard TR 63222-101 "Power quality management-Power quality data application (power qualityManagement-Application of Power Quality Data) was approved after discussion and approval by the International Electrotechnical Commission's Power Supply System Direction Technical Committee TC8. The specific research work of this standard is undertaken by Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute. After being approved, it will help to promote the unification of international standards in the field of power quality data application.

With new energy generation,DC distribution networkA large number of non-linear source load resources, such as energy storage batteries, are connected to the power grid, and the electromagnetic environment of the power grid is more complex. It is urgent to tap the potential information contained in the power quality monitoring data to better serve the power production and the safe operation of the power grid and electrical equipment. "Power quality management-power quality data application" standard for power quality indicators and its derivative indicators, through data mining, can fully reflect the power grid operating performance, load comprehensive electricity characteristics, energy consumption level, management level.

At present, State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power has built a power quality online monitoring system covering the whole province, and has accumulated massive power quality monitoring data. On the basis of data analysis, the company carried out advanced application research on transformer and capacitor operation status, system energy consumption, load model, etc., which provided theoretical support and engineering verification for this international standard project.