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Prospect of Nine Development Trends of New Power System

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Prospect of Nine Development Trends of New Power System

Speed up the buildnew energyThe new power system as the main body is the inevitable choice to achieve the goal of "3060. At this stage, the main feature of the new power system is to achieve a high proportion of new energy access, accelerate the deep integration of information technology and energy supply, and make power transmission more efficient and resilient. Relying on the construction of a new power system, the integration of various types of energy resources, to the carbon neutral stage, the new power system will gradually develop into a more flexible, more open, highly intelligent energy Internet system.

First, the new power system is a more flexible and open energy Internet.

The new power system can efficiently integrate various distributed energy sources, realize the integration of energy entities and modern information technology through multi-sensing, big data, intelligent control and other technologies, and optimize energy production, transmission and use. At the same time, it will continue to act as the "nerve" and "skeleton" of hierarchical energy facilities, accelerate the realization of intelligent system scheduling and free market trading, and promote the landing of distributed intelligent energy metering and settlement scenarios, gradually developed into a flexible and open energy Internet.

Second, distributed microgrid has become an important complementary item of large power grid.

The new power system enriches the original concept of energy Internet and expands it to include not only long-distance, complex and huge energy transmission systems, such as global, intercontinental or regional networking energy transmission sharing; It can also realize the nearby trading of regional energy. Distributed microgrid has become an important complementary item of large power grid, and the power grid will form a large number of decentralized and centralized topological structures.

Cross-regional power transmission is global allocation, regional energy supply is deep excavation at the end, the new power system will transfer part of the cross-regional power transmission (UHV) to local energy, will pay more attention to the local energy consumption. In the future, local intelligent microgrid will become an important form of energy supply, and cross-regional power transmission methods complement and support each other.

3. household photovoltaic will be an important form of development

By the end of 2020, China's cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation is 0.25 billion kilowatts, of which centralized power stations account for 68.93 percent and distributed photovoltaics account for 31.07 percent. Compared with centralized photovoltaic power generation, distributed photovoltaic local consumption of transmission costs and losses are lower, coupled with less land, environmental and other constraints and other characteristics, the new power system, household photovoltaic will help to achieve a high proportion of regional renewable energy self-sufficiency.

4. Blockchain Technology Will be Applied in New Power Systems

Blockchain is considered to be a disruptive technology with real potential for change after steam engine, electricity and the Internet, boosting the energy Internet to a 2.0 form.

Compared with traditional technologies, block chain has four major advantages: a) distributed accounting and storage are adopted, and system efficiency is greatly improved; B) sharing resources through intelligent contracts and not relying on data backup and credit endorsement of intermediary institutions; C) openness and transparency, automatic execution and compulsory performance; D) it cannot be tampered with. when information is added to the block chain, it will be permanently sealed and data cannot be modified at a single node.

The decentralization of the blockchain has realized the "direct connection" of power producers, power sales departments and consumers, connecting decentralized new energy power generation to the existing power grid, realizing point-to-point direct transactions without the help of central settlement, and making resource utilization more intensive and efficient. Regional electricity sales based on blockchain technology will become an important breakthrough in smart energy.

For the research of power/energy blockchain technology, at present, all countries in the world are basically at the same starting line, and the combination of blockchain and "Internet +" will trigger a new round of technological revolution in the energy field.

5. will form a new smart energy business model and ecology

In line with the market-oriented trend of electricity retail, with distributed power generation flexibility trading as the starting point, integrated energy services such as electricity retail, demand-side capacity trading and operation and maintenance, energy conservation, etc. can be realized through the Internet of Things off-site Internet e-commerce platform, with the help of supply and demand matching and intelligent settlement, to create a new smart energy business model and ecology.

Features of the new smart energy business model: a) users and power plants realize point-to-point power transactions; B) decentralized decision-making; C) decision-making and dispatching: the object of future power dispatching is a large number of distributed energy sources and intelligent power consumption loads, and dispatching decisions are generated through block chains; D) Pareto optimality in market competition and high resource allocation efficiency.

Smart energy use restores the commodity attributes of energy, establishes a competitive, open, and orderly energy supply and energy use market, optimizes the allocation of cold, heat, electricity and other resources, achieves a state of competitive supply and demand balance, and greatly improves the microgrid. Energy efficiency and efficiency. Intelligent control of new power trading will inject new vitality into China's carbon trading, microgrid, smart energy, etc., and promote the formation of smart power/energy ecology and the reconstruction of energy system mechanism.

Six, enterprise energy saving, user saving, energy more intelligent, accurate and economical

Compared with the traditional energy and power energy consumption mode, the power producers, distribution operators, transmission operators and energy supply and consumption units of the regional power Internet system can directly conduct transactions at all levels. The settlement of electricity no longer depends on the traditional power settlement platform. Individuals or enterprises can directly conduct point-to-point transactions. The commodity and financial attributes of energy will be further highlighted.

The new power transaction based on distributed ledger and intelligent contract will establish an intelligent connection between power generation and power consumption, and use block chain computing technology to greatly reduce transaction costs and improve transaction efficiency. Realize flexible interaction between users, power supply and power grid, and user-side load participates in demand-side response; From centralized overall balance to decentralized decision-making and Pareto optimal local micro-balance, it will greatly enhance the flexibility and transparency of energy consumption supply, and make energy more intelligent, accurate and economical.

7. terminal energy will be further integrated with mobile interconnection and smart home.

The fourth industrial revolution is based on digital perception, intelligent sensors and control equipment will be closely linked to everything, energy commodity marketization, supply diversification, system decentralization and intelligent power grid will become more and more clear development trend.

In the future, through voice interaction, somatosensory interaction, wireless communication and other means of mobile Internet devices, energy devices in the home can be controlled. Energy such as cold, heat, electricity and gas can be distributed and reorganized through energy routers and competitive trading platforms to realize information interaction and matching energy use.

Higher penetration of renewable energy in 8.

Nearly ten years before 2030, it is an important strategic breakthrough period for the development and growth of new power systems and energy Internet of Things in various regions. Energy facilities are gradually interconnected. With the breakthrough of intelligent control and energy storage, energy can be stored or called at any time. The selectivity of energy use will be wider, and the proportion of renewable energy such as photovoltaic in the energy use of households and enterprises will increase. In the new regional power system, the relevant indicators of renewable energy penetration will be further improved. (Including η1 = installed capacity of renewable energy generation/peak load in the grid, η2 = clean energy generation/total electricity consumption, etc.)

9. New Power System Calls for Breakthrough of New Energy Storage Technology

In the future, power generation equipment will gradually show the characteristics of decentralization, the topology of the power grid will also change, electrochemical energy storage, hydrogen energy and other new energy storage as an important link in the industrial chain, will further play the role of peak filling. But at present, the cost of energy storage products is still high, the user side energy storage profit means more lies in the peak and valley electricity spread arbitrage, the incentive effect of the auxiliary service market has not yet been reflected. The new power system construction is waiting for the breakthrough and development of energy storage technology.

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