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State Grid ICT Industry Group Empowerment Power Network Security Capability Enhancement

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State Grid ICT Industry Group Empowerment Power Network Security Capability Enhancement

currently guaranteed.power networkSecurity has becomeelectric power systemAn important prerequisite for safe and stable operation. Facing the increasingly severe network security situation, in September 2017,State Grid ICT Industry GroupIntegrate high-quality industrial resources, set up a professional network and information security company-State Grid Siji Network Security Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and rely on this to continue to deepen the power network security industry, continue to strengthen the leadership of technological innovation, and gradually optimize and improve the power network security technology defense system products and supporting services, to provide strong support for the energy and power industry to strengthen network security.

Establishing an all-weather three-dimensional combat command system

The power system is a very large and complex system, especially with the in-depth development of the energy Internet and the industrial Internet, it has brought problems such as complex network structure, fuzzy boundaries, and diversification of threat forms to the power system. Any networked device or terminal may become a breakthrough for attackers. The actual combat experience of the State Grid Corporation's network security monitoring incident and the Ministry of Public Security's "exercise operations" tells us that under the new situation of network security, it is very important to establish an all-weather three-dimensional combat command system.

Based on this, the State Grid ICT Industry Group accelerates the construction and improvement of a network security intelligence information sharing system oriented to actual combat of attack and defense, intelligent response and multi-source intelligence, establishes an emergency mechanism of unified command, multi-level dispatch and collaborative disposal, and forms a three-dimensional combat mode of upper and lower communication early warning, multi-party collaborative prevention and control, and global joint disposal, enhance the State Grid Corporation's network security capability in all-weather, all-scene and all-link scenarios such as actual combat, drills and re-insurance.

With professional security service capabilities, in recent years, the State Grid ICT Industry Group has repeatedly achieved good results in various network security activities. Completed the support and guarantee services of the East China Branch, the Southwest Branch, Beijing Electric Power, Hebei Electric Power, Tianjin Electric Power, Hebei Electric Power, Shandong Electric Power, and Hubei Electric Power of the State Grid, and participated in the network security attack and defense actual combat drills as an attack team. The formed attack techniques and tactics were selected as the excellent techniques and tactics of the Ministry of Public Security.

In addition, the State Grid ICT Industry Group also supports the headquarters of the State Grid Corporation to carry out the first and second phase of network security attack and defense actual combat exercises. He formed an attack team with Beijing Electric Power Research Institute to participate in the second phase of the attack and defense actual combat exercise of the State Grid Corporation. It also summarizes the contents of the exercise and analyzes the problems found such as functions to be improved and unstable network performance.

Continuously strengthen the network security industry

Power network security is a systematic project. Over the years, the State Grid ICT Industry Group has been closely focusing on the needs of various power business scenarios, continuously outputting comprehensive security services, and continuously expanding and strengthening the security industry.

In terms of power grid equipment security, the self-controlled secure access equipment customized and developed by the State Grid ICT Industry Group can realize the secure access of wireless terminals for digital services in all links of transmission, transformation, distribution and power consumption to the company's network, and realize the security capabilities of identity authentication, transmission encryption, network isolation, protocol filtering and access control for various digital terminals and services such as mobile operations/office, data acquisition, video images, etc. The equipment is widely used in various digital terminal security access services of provincial and municipal power companies, which strongly supports the security applications of transmission line online status monitoring, substation intelligent inspection robots, distribution station area intelligent integration terminals, safety monitoring mobile distribution ball control and other services, and has become an important part of the national power grid company's all-scene security protection system and an important security guarantee for data interaction of power grid digital transformation services.

In terms of power grid marketing security, Guonet ICT Industry Group attaches great importance to the security of various terminals in marketing specialty, and carries out the application of marketing terminal security control to support the unified management of asset status, security status, operation status, network security threats and events of marketing terminals. At present, it has been popularized and applied in the security status monitoring and security risk analysis of mobile terminals and marketing self-service terminals in Jiangsu, Shandong, Hubei and other power companies, and realized security event early warning, security risk research and judgment in network security drills, timely detection of network attacks, and providing safe and convenient application support for major activities.

In terms of power grid dispatching business, the State Grid Communication and Communication Industry Group has developed a portable operation and maintenance gateway, which can establish an "operation and maintenance security boundary" between the operation and maintenance terminal and the object to be operated, blocking external risks from introducing into the power monitoring system network. In the process of plant station operation and maintenance, the operation and maintenance gateway can authenticate the authority of the operation and maintenance personnel and the operation and maintenance terminal, and control the possible risk behavior through the analysis and identification of the operation and maintenance protocol. The product has been piloted and verified by power companies in various provinces and cities, and has been successfully applied in power companies in Jiangsu, Shanxi, Anhui, Hebei, Chongqing and other provinces, and has been well received by users.

At the same time, inspection and testing is an important means to ensure the safety of related equipment and systems. In recent years, the State Grid ICT Industry Group has made great efforts to develop its testing business, actively train inspection and penetration testing personnel, expand testing capabilities such as intelligent controllable terminals and industrial control equipment, create a solid talent and technical reserve for security services, and enhance the safe operation capability of the State Grid Corporation through the selection and training of professional offensive and defensive personnel. At present, the three-party testing service of State Grid ICT Industry Group has covered 26 provincial power companies and 6 directly affiliated units. He has successively participated in key projects such as "on-site testing of the State Grid", performance testing and optimization of the State Grid Corporation's 95598 platform, ERP centralized deployment performance testing and automated testing, and hidden danger investigation of the State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Information System, providing a reliable barrier for the State Grid Corporation's network security.

The State Grid ICT Industry Group will continue to implement the "one body and four wings" development layout of the State Grid Corporation. According to the group's "1346" three-year action plan for excellence promotion, the group's network security sector will be "stronger, better and bigger" to empower the "one body", the "four wings", the "all elements" and the transformation and upgrading of the power grid.

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