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Manifesto of Good Man

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Manifesto of Good Man

The mission of a good man is to promote the transformation and upgrading of the sheet metal industry with a new concept.

Good man full of values: serious, efficient, keep promises, never make excuses.

Good man's promise:

One:20In, I insisted on doing only one thing well and making products that customers are satisfied.

Two: to meet customer personalized customization, tailor-made solutions.

Three: We strive to use the best materials, better quality is always our goal.

Four: let the customer real experience to the good man full of integrity and efficiency of the service.

Five: all qualification certificates are from the national authority certification body,Real and effective.


Sales service: the concept of housekeeping service, the first person as a customer service specialist, tracking and coordinating all customer pre-sales and after-sales affairs.

Services include:

Customer demand research-help customers to come up with product design plans-customers to confirm product plans-give customers quotations and delivery dates-customers place orders-----Feedback order progress to customers at any time-arrange delivery-pay attention to logistics progress and customer receipt-help customers apply for mailing invoices-timely copy customer feedback to relevant departments for coordination and solution.

Production flow chart: