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[Xi Bao] Our company has been recognized as "Baoshan District Enterprise Technology Center"

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[Xi Bao] Our company has been recognized as

Shanghai Haofman Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., an enterprise settled in Baojing Development Zone, was recognized as "Baoshan District Enterprise Technology Center. Haofan20Year as a day to adhere to technological innovation, excellent products, the concept of customer first, to provide customers with personalized solutions. Provide high protection level cabinets, high load-bearing cabinets, constant temperature and humidity cabinets, seismic cabinets, imitation electrostatic shielding cabinets, lead-zinc copper cabinets, high temperature air conditioners, extremely high temperature air conditioners, DC air conditioners, and corrosion-resistant air conditioners. Products used in high temperature, high humidity, high dust, high corrosion, vehicle vibration and other fields. The protection level can reachIP67.

This time, the recognition of "Baoshan Enterprise Technology Center" is an important recognition of Haofaman's innovative mechanism, innovative achievements and industry leadership in the field of electrical equipment manufacturing.